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New home

18 Mar

I am all moved in….. I am typing this as I sit in my new office, I am working but it is slow day! I am sitting at my new desk. My office use to be a little girls room, Walls are pink and green. Super cute.

When I moved in here, I made the choice to leave every box in the garage until I had a chance to look through them and decide if I wanted and NEEDED it my new home. So far so good. So when I have a day off I go through a box or two throw away what I do not need, and keep only what I need.

This process started because when packing for my move I saw I still had a lot of things to get rid of. I have also made the choice to at least once every 60 days to do a deep cleaning of closets, cabinets and so on. I was also thinking about to help with my cleaning is to use fly lady. FLYLADY.NET  When looking at her site I see she is zone 4 which is the master bedroom. Lord knows my master bed room needs it. I have to remember my mission is just to de clutter.


Time Maagment

If anyone have tips for time management please share. I think I know WHAT to do, But I am not sure.


Working Girl

26 Oct

Well the title says it all. I Have a job, I am not making millions nor do I want to. But this job is a part of the larger plan for me and my future. The old me would be trying to find things to buy. The new me is trying everything in her power to further cut from her life to save more and live better.

I have also found a way to give back. Starting this month, I will be donating to a local charity every month. Giving to people who have less is important. It is a lesson I want to teach both of my kids….

So that is my update…

So here is the plan ( Well the big Announcement)

13 Oct

So I decided to blog about my long term goals and my announcement.

I plan on moving, Not just anywhere; But overseas. There are a few reasons that prompted this choice

1- My job, will allow be to work pretty much anywhere in the world

2- My kids will be grown

3-  There is really nothing keeping me in the area, in the country. Heck my kids although grow might join me.

4- I have ALWAYS wanted to live overseas.

This will not happen over night, As a matter of fact it will take a few years to happen. So here is the short plan

1- Work and save money

2- Get my masters degree

3- Start selling off my things and saving money

I will be doing the above while my youngest finishes high school. (she is in the 9th grade)

In 2017, she will graduate in June, and I will put in my 30 day notice to my current landlord, or not renew my lease, And in mid July I plan to be on a plane to where I will start the next stage of my life.

I will spend the next few years getting myself together. I plan to move with nothing but my clothes, Cell phone, and computer. I will be 46 years old BTW.

So Fiona, that is it… So I will need to work on my downsizing skills, because I will more and likely end up in the U.K, With the tiny closet, and rooms and homes. And I cannot wait to be there.


4 Jul


Ok! Yes I do have ebook, Lots of them… But I also have a Nook, and a tablet. And if you are asking if I own a kindle, Yes I do but it is broken…

My books have been the hardest part of this minimalist journey. The ones I did give away were a lot of “self help” “diet” and some others that belong to others that I ended up with. I did keep all of my textbooks and some classics.

Now I am wanting the new Harry Potter Books with the new covers… SMH!

Last night, I went through the box that has my books in it. I could not get rid of one.

I decided I need bookshelves, Not only for myself but for my daughter. I was going to make wall book shelves, But since I am renting and this is a rather large management company, Drilling larger holes in the wall MIGHT not be a good idea. So I am on a book self mission; 2nd hand of course. The deal I am making with myself is not allowing it to fill up. So far every single book I am using for school now, are in a ebook. So unless I buy the new Harry Potter books, I will not be buying any books.

In moving news

Tomorrow I sign my lease, But thanks to a very good friend, She arranged for a friend of hers to move me for HALF the price I would have paid the movers. Woo Hoo! Of course I am working around his schedule, So he will move me Saturday; So I will not sleep in my new place tomorrow.


Tomorrow I will move the televisions, computers to the new place. I will also re-clean the apartment, change the toilet seats and move a few boxes over.

Going to take this process in pieces

16 Jun

Yes pieces!

My house is off the market with sale pending., I do have two more showings tho, (Just in case). So I am planning on spending this week and doing one room at a time.

I am of the third round of the “Jump off the ladder” Challenge. (wondering what this is?, Check it out here….  http://tshirtsandtwine.com/the-jump-off-the-ladder-philosophy/

Well, I am having a hard time, So I am going to take this room by room


My Daughter’s room, We have emptied her dresser, it is going in the trash So I am taking it out of her room. We are also going to purge one of those “I have to much crap so I am going to buy this to put it all in things” I am pretty sure she does not need whatever is in that thing.


My sons room. This room as been storage so to speak. There is some stuff laying around in there, that I should get together.


My room  Lets say I have lost focus in here. For some reason there is paper in here and my desk is a mess.


Prep for Friday. Friday I sign my lease on the new place, So I will spend Thursday getting some things together to take to the new place. Televisions, Laptops, telephones stuff like that. This will also include the garage. I have some things that needs to be purged through, sold or given away.


This is lease sign day, I will spend the day, at the new place cleaning and waiting for cable and others to get there and turn everything on.

The upside there will not be any television or internet here after Friday so I can focus on doing more work at the house.

I hope the last inspection of the house will be done in the house by next week. So I can make the big move by the first of the month.


30 Apr


With all the posts about being “Unplugged” I took the plunge and started early. This weekend I went ahead and shut my phones off before I went to bed Friday night. I did not turn them back on until 1 p.m Saturday afternoon. Between 8am- 12:50 I was able to do the research and write the first draft for my paper that was due today.  I did some clearing of the cabinet under my sink.  On Sunday I ended up sleeping till noon, But spent the rest of the day reading my newspaper and catching up on my coupon clipping.

I am still working on my bedroom. I am hoping to be done with by the end of the week. But here are the pictures of my bathroom.


When you walk in to the bathroom, That chest of drawers are empty waiting for goodwill to pick it up.


The sinks.


The rest of the room.

It is not perfect, but it is a start.

And another purge!

15 Apr


So I was reading some great blogs here, and was inspired to go back in my closet to see if there was anything else that needed to go. Well I found it (see above). A lot of this stuff I had not worn in over 10 years. One pile is mostly socks and undies that were old that were so worn they were not even fit for donation. Also I did manage to empty my chest of drawers. That will be going to goodwill!

I also took on the task of my pantry. In a word it was a mess, I will be honest I had no clue what was in it.

P.S. I shop in bulk.. Although it is just my daughter and myself, I buy my pantry items in bulk, My other shopping is done with coupons.

Here is my pantry



And after……



This did not take long. I just took a lot of stuff out, and put less in…