Spring Cleaning

25 Apr

I have been practicing minimalism for about a year or so. You would think with two moves under my belt there will be less stuff.  Well o.k there is less stuff, no doubt about that. I just need to find the areas where there is still more stuff. I think I am ready to deal with my closet. There are to many clothes, and really I do not wear half of it.  As a matter of fact I am thinking about doing away with a lot of my stuff and stick with the classics. ( Well my classics) Blue jeans, black and white tops. I think I will dump ( or throw away) things that have holes are worn and tattered. I use them as P.J’s, then I will buy new ones.

This post makes me think about my “It’s what you do not see”. Sure everything looks nice, nothing is overflowing from closets, But it is still too much packed away and hidden behind a closet door. So there will be the great closet purge this afternoon…



One Response to “Spring Cleaning”

  1. tofukate May 7, 2014 at 4:41 pm #

    A fun fact I learned yesterday: Charity donation centers will take your unwearable clothing and recycle them.

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