Moving again

25 Feb

I know I have not posted in a long while, But this process has not been easy one. I sort of fell off the wagon. With working and school full time, I have not had much time do anything. But I am working on improving and doing better.

Well not the point of my post…..

I am moving again. The move to this apartment in two words was “A mistake”. The dog is not even happy here. My plants are not happy here. As a matter of fact the plants are dying. Had to give them to my sister to rehab.  So I found a great house with lots of windows, and sunshine. It has a yard for the dog to run around in, I will have my office.

Which brings me to the another reason I am moving.,,,

My job is a work from home job, I must be in a quiet area to work. Since my current “Office” is really my dining area, if I was to get an visit form my job, I would be fired right on the spot. So having a real home office is something I MUST have.

Rent is no more than what I am paying now. I will have the expense of cutting the yard. But this expense will only be in the summer. I will save throughout the winter months and plan ahead.

Overall, I was not happy here, which is one of reason you guys have not seen pictures of my progress. This apartment felt like a closet. So it is time to go.

Well the house is sold, The closing date was about 6 weeks ago, It was super hard to walk away from that house for the last time. But I also know it is time for another family to make memories.

Moving day will be Friday… cannot wait!


2 Responses to “Moving again”

  1. tofukate February 27, 2014 at 6:14 pm #

    Sorry to hear your apartment did not work out for you. Best of luck in your new place!

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