So here is the plan ( Well the big Announcement)

13 Oct

So I decided to blog about my long term goals and my announcement.

I plan on moving, Not just anywhere; But overseas. There are a few reasons that prompted this choice

1- My job, will allow be to work pretty much anywhere in the world

2- My kids will be grown

3-  There is really nothing keeping me in the area, in the country. Heck my kids although grow might join me.

4- I have ALWAYS wanted to live overseas.

This will not happen over night, As a matter of fact it will take a few years to happen. So here is the short plan

1- Work and save money

2- Get my masters degree

3- Start selling off my things and saving money

I will be doing the above while my youngest finishes high school. (she is in the 9th grade)

In 2017, she will graduate in June, and I will put in my 30 day notice to my current landlord, or not renew my lease, And in mid July I plan to be on a plane to where I will start the next stage of my life.

I will spend the next few years getting myself together. I plan to move with nothing but my clothes, Cell phone, and computer. I will be 46 years old BTW.

So Fiona, that is it… So I will need to work on my downsizing skills, because I will more and likely end up in the U.K, With the tiny closet, and rooms and homes. And I cannot wait to be there.


2 Responses to “So here is the plan ( Well the big Announcement)”

  1. thesmittenimmigrant October 13, 2013 at 11:10 pm #

    Now that’s a plan! Moving overseas lends itself to so many wonderful things, and so many meaningful moments, especially if you are of the minimalist inclination.

    I am curious as to why you would like to go to the UK. Would you like to elaborate?

    • just lynne October 13, 2013 at 11:34 pm #

      Lets say this will be my start. Live there for about a year, then move to some of the Asian countries. ( Learn how to cook) Then of course, go to cooking school In Italy. Then travel to India. The middle east then Africa. Really I want to be able to jump around living place to place, I am not sure where I will decide to make “Home”. But I plan on having fun finding out.

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