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Stepping back

4 Aug

If you are a follower of my widow blog, then you already know I am all moved in the new apartment. When I moved in I took all the important things with me, I have found out that the place is too cluttered. It reminds me of one of my post titled It is not what you can see. You can read this post here

I guess I did not think that the apartment is much smaller than the house, So there is a lot less space.

So I will be taking the steps to get rid of some more things in the apartment. Please keep in mind there are still things at the old house. (SMH). My thought is since I have not needed it, then I do not need it. Heck even if I did need it there is no place to put it. So really it all needs to go.

One thing I DO NOT need is my dresser. As a very grown adult one may disagree that I would need one but I found an option that is working for me.



Well there was suppose to be a picture, But it will not upload. So I got a “Neat freak organizer” There is a enough room for my socks, undies, and what light things I have. The rest of my clothing are hanging up.

Ah my dining room is now my office. NOT what I had in mind, But it is the only option for me. Well now I have a big desk with good light LOL!


Ok, I am in the process of cleaning and doing homework today

I will post some pictures soon.