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9 Jul

Well I am moved in…. I still have some things I have to bring over to the house, But for the most part this is home. The limited space, has caused me to rethink the things I own.

Some of the “rethink items” that went away were..

1- My desk… There is no space for it. So now my work space is my dining room table.

2- Wall deco. There is not enough wall space for everything. So I ended up keeping a few things I REALLY like and they work in this new space.

3- Coffee table is out, The living room furniture sucks up all the space, So now my ottoman is my table. The area is cozy.

The day of the move I decided I did not want my dresser. I am not bringing it, I do have another plan for my “Undies” “socks” and such. The rest of my clothes can be hung up.

This place is the FIRST baby step to reach my goals. I know I say the place is small. It is small. BUT I can be happy here.



4 Jul


Ok! Yes I do have ebook, Lots of them… But I also have a Nook, and a tablet. And if you are asking if I own a kindle, Yes I do but it is broken…

My books have been the hardest part of this minimalist journey. The ones I did give away were a lot of “self help” “diet” and some others that belong to others that I ended up with. I did keep all of my textbooks and some classics.

Now I am wanting the new Harry Potter Books with the new covers… SMH!

Last night, I went through the box that has my books in it. I could not get rid of one.

I decided I need bookshelves, Not only for myself but for my daughter. I was going to make wall book shelves, But since I am renting and this is a rather large management company, Drilling larger holes in the wall MIGHT not be a good idea. So I am on a book self mission; 2nd hand of course. The deal I am making with myself is not allowing it to fill up. So far every single book I am using for school now, are in a ebook. So unless I buy the new Harry Potter books, I will not be buying any books.

In moving news

Tomorrow I sign my lease, But thanks to a very good friend, She arranged for a friend of hers to move me for HALF the price I would have paid the movers. Woo Hoo! Of course I am working around his schedule, So he will move me Saturday; So I will not sleep in my new place tomorrow.


Tomorrow I will move the televisions, computers to the new place. I will also re-clean the apartment, change the toilet seats and move a few boxes over.