Going to take this process in pieces

16 Jun

Yes pieces!

My house is off the market with sale pending., I do have two more showings tho, (Just in case). So I am planning on spending this week and doing one room at a time.

I am of the third round of the “Jump off the ladder” Challenge. (wondering what this is?, Check it out here….  http://tshirtsandtwine.com/the-jump-off-the-ladder-philosophy/

Well, I am having a hard time, So I am going to take this room by room


My Daughter’s room, We have emptied her dresser, it is going in the trash So I am taking it out of her room. We are also going to purge one of those “I have to much crap so I am going to buy this to put it all in things” I am pretty sure she does not need whatever is in that thing.


My sons room. This room as been storage so to speak. There is some stuff laying around in there, that I should get together.


My room  Lets say I have lost focus in here. For some reason there is paper in here and my desk is a mess.


Prep for Friday. Friday I sign my lease on the new place, So I will spend Thursday getting some things together to take to the new place. Televisions, Laptops, telephones stuff like that. This will also include the garage. I have some things that needs to be purged through, sold or given away.


This is lease sign day, I will spend the day, at the new place cleaning and waiting for cable and others to get there and turn everything on.

The upside there will not be any television or internet here after Friday so I can focus on doing more work at the house.

I hope the last inspection of the house will be done in the house by next week. So I can make the big move by the first of the month.


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