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Houston we have a problem

21 Jun



I am not happy….

My move date was changed to July 5th. The unit I was going to move into the current tenant has decided not to leave. She did not resign her lease either, so she is month to month.. So I have been assigned a new unit that I can move in July 5th.

So Changing EVERYTHING, electricity, movers, More cost for me But management says they will take off of my rent what I have to pay extra.

But This give me a chance to get some MORE stuff done.

I have a box that is full of things from my nightstand, I think I am going to set a goal to empty that box. Then I will not need a nightstand. Going to invest in a small file cabinet for papers and such.

My dresser, I have been really thinking about getting rid of it. I do not have a lot of clothes, So I am going to test to see how much I really can hang up and how much has to put away. Washing clothes now will see how this goes.


Minimalism For More Life

18 Jun

This popped up in my feed today… it is short, but it says a lot. When you are new to minimalism like myself it is important to see all sides and find which fits you. As long as the core is upheld you are always on the right track!

Going to take this process in pieces

16 Jun

Yes pieces!

My house is off the market with sale pending., I do have two more showings tho, (Just in case). So I am planning on spending this week and doing one room at a time.

I am of the third round of the “Jump off the ladder” Challenge. (wondering what this is?, Check it out here….

Well, I am having a hard time, So I am going to take this room by room


My Daughter’s room, We have emptied her dresser, it is going in the trash So I am taking it out of her room. We are also going to purge one of those “I have to much crap so I am going to buy this to put it all in things” I am pretty sure she does not need whatever is in that thing.


My sons room. This room as been storage so to speak. There is some stuff laying around in there, that I should get together.


My room  Lets say I have lost focus in here. For some reason there is paper in here and my desk is a mess.


Prep for Friday. Friday I sign my lease on the new place, So I will spend Thursday getting some things together to take to the new place. Televisions, Laptops, telephones stuff like that. This will also include the garage. I have some things that needs to be purged through, sold or given away.


This is lease sign day, I will spend the day, at the new place cleaning and waiting for cable and others to get there and turn everything on.

The upside there will not be any television or internet here after Friday so I can focus on doing more work at the house.

I hope the last inspection of the house will be done in the house by next week. So I can make the big move by the first of the month.


Ahhh the victory is bittersweet, but a victory.

11 Jun


Ahhh the victory is bittersweet, but a victory. No eating out… I tried this because others before me, managed not only to save money, but to lose weight…. Well I still have my money.. But did not lose any weight. (insert sad face). I did eat out once  at a mother’s day lunch. But I will reface this challenge at a later date, because I have a much larger one ahead of me.

Thanks Amanda of

So here I go!!! Round three!!

Moving day countdown!!!

9 Jun

So I am still packing.. I have more stuff than I thought, BUT I has way less stuff.

Things that are done:

1- My son’s room is empty

2- My room is packed up

3- My daughter’s room is packed

4- My bathroom is packed up. Just lotions, toothbrush out.

Here are my boxes


My daughter has about the same amount of boxes herself. A rubber maid bin with my son things in them. Kitchen stuff

What’s left?

1- The kitchen, I am almost done with it, There is just the matter of the food

2- The lien closets. I have two and need to pack them up.

The plan is to have as much of the house packed up in an hour and half. This is going out the door first….

Washer and dryer

My bed

Living/ diningroom

Deep freezer

Tv’s w/ stands (3)

Dressers (2)

1 desk with computer.

If the movers can move some boxes than that is great, if not I do not care. @ 130 bucks an hour I will like to stay in the 2 hour window.

Since the house might still be under contract, I will have some time to get a lot extra stuff out later. Since I own a truck this job a little easy.

Here is the floor plan of the new place


It is a nice size. The good thing is everything has a place for everything. The hardest part about this will be my bed. It will fit in the room but it will be over sized.. But I need a place to sleep. My dresser will fit in this closet, so the room will have more space.

13 days!

BTW my Braids