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What is 2800- 1163

29 May


That is how much square feet I going down when I move next month. (insert scream). YEP I am moving. House is going on the market. I have started the process of selling off some stuff and packing.

This will be a true test of downsizing process.. I looked in my closet I am pretty sure I can have my closet packed in two boxes. (minis the clothes hanging up).

Hold on… Going to be a ride



Sir Corky “da Yorkie”

23 May





This is my daughter’s dog, a 10 pound Yorkie. His name is Sir Corky. I was about to go downstairs when I noticed him sitting there so I snapped this picture of him. Then I saw the clothes/ bedding and other stuff was on his crate. (they were just washed) Then I thought … Is the dog a Minimalist? Everything he owns is right there. So I asked him……



Corky, are you a Minimalist? You do not ask for much, just to throw that ball and play tug a way with you and walked 2 times a day….. Well this was the answer I got……


He is happy. And just wants a nap..

Corky and other pets, do not need a lot. As long as they fed, played with and of course They need love above all, nothing else matters. Ah well going to fold his things up and put them up.


My bedroom

23 May

Well after so much fanfare, My room is done. If you look you see I made it a point not to have a lot of stuff on the walls. There is also no extra furniture. Lots of room to move around. I had posted before I had manage to get rid of a chest of drawers. Only keeping the dresser. ALMOST of my clothing are hung up, the rest are in the dresser. As time goes by I am hoping to get rid of the dresser.

Comments or suggestions?

When you walk in my room..


My Bed

Image The only paper books I own… Opps my slippers!



My desk This is where EVERYTHING happens!



These pictures are of my closet. It is very big so I put my dresser in it. Every piece of clothing I own is in my closet. Also top shelf was cluttered, So after I took this picture I ended up clearing it off and throwing away and donating a lot of the stuff there.



The mirror is gone… Was not a good fit there…


What I do now! LOL!


Eating out

21 May


This is my NEW challenge. A few of us here on word press  decided to stop or change something in our lives. This month mines is eating out.


Needless to say it has not been easy.

Monday after mother’s day… I am sitting in Olive garden.. A yearly date with my friend. Her hubby pays for this lunch.

That is it….

So we are cooking every night.. My daughter even made sliders one night.

BIG Thank You

Owner at


The Minimalist Teenager

6 May








Yes, This room belongs to my 14 year old. The bottom picture is her version of clean… For months she has been asking if we can throw away her bed that she has had since she was five. This morning I agreed. So she and I took the bed apart.



The bed will be thrown away, The mattress and  box spring will go back in her room Until I get her a new set in a week.

So my room is on the back burner, until her room is done.

Keep in mind I do understand I cannot expect a child to follow a lifestyle change, after she watched her parents shop throughout her whole life; but she is learning to adjust. She likes sock monkey’s and makeup, sheet music, art supplies. I think if she had to give it all away she would lose her mind.

Next post will be of the rest of the room.