” When you worry about others peoples business, you cannot take care of your own”.

26 Apr

I saw that quote on Facebook the other day that really go me to thinking..

I have found in this process that minimalism/ living simply is not just about  things, but also mental things and people we have in hour lives.

Mental decluttering

I hate to admit I tend to be a gossip. I also tend to poke my nose where it does not belong. Or I allow myself to be pulled in crap that has nothing to do with me. So I have made the choice to de clutter my mind of useless crap.

Last night I made the choice to no longer be friends with a couple for whom I was a fly on the wall in their personal lives. They came to me for advice and I freely gave it.  I would be a witness to their disagreements and fights. Last night was the straw that broke the camels back; I could not take it anymore. I sent them an email and told them that I no longer want to be their friend that my input in their lives was unnecessary and I was quitting my job as their “life coach”.


I have a childhood friend that I love dearly; But she is also a gossip. Just like the couple above she will come to me for advice, and when she was not doing that she is telling me about some stranger’s business. I have made to choice to cut her off at the pass when she asks for advice, or wants to tell me about some person I do not know.

With all three of these people it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS. So I will MIND MY OWN BUSINESS.

I take full responsibility for my role in the mess I have created in my life. How can I try  to clear my home, when I was bringing a negative vibe into it? My home is a place where should be able to check all of that madness at the door. But I brought it in my home; filling the air in it with a poison. By making the choice to remove or limit these folks in my life, I have the time that I NEED to work on my own flaws.


 I have decided to not answer my phones certain hours of the day. The first block of time will be after school. Between 3:30-9:00 pm. Mon- Fri.This way my daughter will have my attention when she comes home, through dinner.I can also use this time to homework.

  Saturday/Sunday mornings till noon. This way I will can sleep late ( if I need to) or get my housework done.

This morning Becoming minimalist creator Joshua Becker, Had posted a blog entry titled

Minimalism: Addition not Subtraction.

I am not losing so called friends, But gaining peace of mind and control of my life.


2 Responses to “” When you worry about others peoples business, you cannot take care of your own”.”

  1. Fiona May 1, 2013 at 6:48 am #

    Smart move!!xx

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