The Garage….

5 Apr

Yes this post is about the garage… Yes, I got it done today. I opened the door, turned on the music, got the trash cans and went to work. In case you forgot of what it looked like before…




And here is the After…..


Nice right?

I did this with my daughter’s help, it took us about four hours to sort then donate or throw away. Since nothing in here was hers it was very easy for her to get rid of stuff.  So things went very quickly.  Now the 13 year old broken hard drive, blowing balls, crutches, direct TV receivers, two dvd players by the grill will be taken out on Saturday for bulk trash day. The self has my garden things, gas cans and of the sort. The garden stuff I will be getting rid of because I do not plan on having any flowers. It is just more stuff to buy and to upkeep. Besides I never been very good at it anyway. So my sister and my friend that I call the “The Melissas” can have the the weed and seed, flower stuff I no longer need it. All I need is to upkeep the lawn and that is to fertilize twice a year, and water twice a week.

The problem…

A lot of the stuff were duplicates. I  had so much crap in here, If I could not find something  I would go out and buy it again, only to find what I was looking for under some stuff later. Another problem I had was what I call “spill over”. These are the things that can go in the house, but since I have so much clutter in there, it “spilled over”  in the garage. So the natural order of this was to un- clutter the house so everything has it place then work on this.

The tools were EVERY WHERE! in spite of the fact there is a very large tool box. All them went right back in the tool box to be sorted for another day.

You see a lot of yard stuff, (mulch and soil) Well, I would buy the stuff to get the yard done and never did it. So my front yard reflected what my house looked like. So in addition to cleaning this area, I did a small share of yard work today. Then I will be finishing up the rest this weekend.

So what I learned today

1- I am  shamelessly embarrassed that I let it get that bad

2- When I look at this picture I still see things that still needs to removed. So I will revisit this in about a week.

3- I have to sort through the tools, we are talking about wrenches and stuff like that. I really have NO clue what to do with it. I know that if i need to tighten a bolt of something I will need them, But I have to figure a better way to keep them.

4- I have some choices to make, for years I was a girl scout leader. I still have a lot of the things from these years; But it is taking up space in my garage. The folding chairs and tables, and a very large bin filled with craft stuff. I need to decide if I will do girl scouts again, If not I do not need them and will pass it to another troop who can use it. In all honesty they do not belong to me.

Next, this is a one car garage, no car I own will fit in here. So the idea was to always extend to the rest of the house. But I am not sure if that is a good idea right now. In order to control the climate in here; I would have to run heat and air ducts in here, THEN have to buy a kit to insulate the door. Since I am not buying anything and this is NOT a need but a want, none of this will happen. So I guess this will be one hell of clean garage..

If you noticed the white pair of sneakers in the back by the rug, They belonged to my husband, He wore them to work everyday if the weather was mild. When he came home from work he took them off and put them by that door. A lesson in minimalism is to take a picture of an item you have a emotional attachment to, and then donate or throw it away.  You still have the memory and you will be able to see it. Although it make perfect sense, but I cannot do it. There are a few other things that have this attachment to me, So sharing this information will be in a future  post.

I have a ways to go, But i am very proud of the progress I have made. Which brings me to another lesson in minimalism.

“We are a people in need of grace. We are a people in need of patience. And we are a people in need of encouragement. Let’s be quick to celebrate the little steps in both our lives and the lives of those around us. Because life is only fully-lived in the little moments and the big” ~ Joshua Becker…

2 Responses to “The Garage….”

  1. M.B. Chandler April 5, 2013 at 12:37 pm #

    Suggestion for tools: Google basic tool box and put together a small tool box for yourself that would include such things as a straight and phillips screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a basic hammer, pliers, and anything else you know how to use and think you will. As for the shoes, keep them. They are not clutter and they are not getting in your way of minimizing. Keep going. It must feel so good to have the garage done.

    • justlynne April 5, 2013 at 1:30 pm #

      Thanks a lot on the tool box tip! Yes it really does… My daughter told my sister that the garage now has an echo!

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