Families and minimalism.

1 Apr

I just wanted to share and give credit to a wonderful guy named Joshua Becker. A lot of the pictures you see on my blog are from his site, and his face book postings.

He was a father and husband when they all decided to become minimalist. His words and daily posts are a great inspiration to him. I can see the light at the end of tunnel. About where I can and WILL be in the future.

Back to my progress, Yesterday my sister called me while my daughter and I was de cluttering her room. My answer?? “dragging Taylor kicking and screaming into minimalism.” My sister laughed, But it was true. With every single area in her room has stuff in it. With her posters covering the walls it feels like the room in falling down on top of you. I just felt a need to rid her room of EVERYTHING. But then three things hit me…

1- I bought the the stuff in her room, or gave her money to buy the things she has
2- How can I expect a 14 year old to follow a lifestyle that I myself are just learning
3- She is only doing what she has seen me do all her life; BUY STUFF, finding worth in stuff.

So dragging her kicking and screaming might be the best way to handle this. So I have decided to teach by example. I must not forget she may see minimalism differently than I do. She also understands giving and how important it is to give back; and that was a hard lesson for a girl who got everything she wanted growing up.

Well that is all I have to share for now. I do have some things that will be going to Goodwill, But before I do that I will do a quick run around the house to make sure nothing else needs to go in this trip and will be taking everything this week. Then For real this time I am starting on the garage!

Would like to share this little funny I picked up from Joshua’s Facebook page!  that he got from Eric Lewis, The New Yorker, November 18, 2002. Have a great day everyone!734199_10151409536993172_1741870623_n


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