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30 Apr


With all the posts about being “Unplugged” I took the plunge and started early. This weekend I went ahead and shut my phones off before I went to bed Friday night. I did not turn them back on until 1 p.m Saturday afternoon. Between 8am- 12:50 I was able to do the research and write the first draft for my paper that was due today.  I did some clearing of the cabinet under my sink.  On Sunday I ended up sleeping till noon, But spent the rest of the day reading my newspaper and catching up on my coupon clipping.

I am still working on my bedroom. I am hoping to be done with by the end of the week. But here are the pictures of my bathroom.


When you walk in to the bathroom, That chest of drawers are empty waiting for goodwill to pick it up.


The sinks.


The rest of the room.

It is not perfect, but it is a start.


My Journey To Minimalism – Week One

27 Apr

In the works!


bed area beforeMy nightstand beforehubby's nightstand beforecloset before 1closet befre

In process





Before Pictures


I began my search last year into a simpler, quieter, more peaceful life. I was determined to clear the clutter not only out of my house but out of my mind and life. I’ve read many books and blogs on this topic and as my search continued I knew I wanted . . . no, needed to become minimalist.

As I researched, I realized that I needed to slow down so

that first and foremost I could hear God’s voice. I was realizing that I lived a very busy life always running around trying to fit everything in and make it there on time. Well, that’s enough to wear a person out. As I went about my every day over commitment I began to notice all the clutter around me and all the noise going on in my head.

As I dug deeper…

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” When you worry about others peoples business, you cannot take care of your own”.

26 Apr

I saw that quote on Facebook the other day that really go me to thinking..

I have found in this process that minimalism/ living simply is not just about  things, but also mental things and people we have in hour lives.

Mental decluttering

I hate to admit I tend to be a gossip. I also tend to poke my nose where it does not belong. Or I allow myself to be pulled in crap that has nothing to do with me. So I have made the choice to de clutter my mind of useless crap.

Last night I made the choice to no longer be friends with a couple for whom I was a fly on the wall in their personal lives. They came to me for advice and I freely gave it.  I would be a witness to their disagreements and fights. Last night was the straw that broke the camels back; I could not take it anymore. I sent them an email and told them that I no longer want to be their friend that my input in their lives was unnecessary and I was quitting my job as their “life coach”.


I have a childhood friend that I love dearly; But she is also a gossip. Just like the couple above she will come to me for advice, and when she was not doing that she is telling me about some stranger’s business. I have made to choice to cut her off at the pass when she asks for advice, or wants to tell me about some person I do not know.

With all three of these people it is NONE OF MY BUSINESS. So I will MIND MY OWN BUSINESS.

I take full responsibility for my role in the mess I have created in my life. How can I try  to clear my home, when I was bringing a negative vibe into it? My home is a place where should be able to check all of that madness at the door. But I brought it in my home; filling the air in it with a poison. By making the choice to remove or limit these folks in my life, I have the time that I NEED to work on my own flaws.


 I have decided to not answer my phones certain hours of the day. The first block of time will be after school. Between 3:30-9:00 pm. Mon- Fri.This way my daughter will have my attention when she comes home, through dinner.I can also use this time to homework.

  Saturday/Sunday mornings till noon. This way I will can sleep late ( if I need to) or get my housework done.

This morning Becoming minimalist creator Joshua Becker, Had posted a blog entry titled

Minimalism: Addition not Subtraction.

I am not losing so called friends, But gaining peace of mind and control of my life.

5 rules to live by

24 Apr

Great blog read!


22 Apr

Hello folks,

In an effort to save some money, I made the choice to have my hair braided. Although it cost me 200.00 it is money well spent. On any giving month I will spend about 50-100 bucks a month doing something with my hair. Relaxers, wash and sets, trims whatever.  Not to mention time and effort to keep it up. I had to find another way. So Sunday morning I went to a braid shop and 6 hours later I walked out with a hair style that will last me at least 6 months.  In the mornings it is wake up, take off scarf, spray and fluff. No more bad hair days!

The down side to this is my head is a little sore because of the tugging on my scalp; but that will go away in a day or two.

Side Note

I have not done any work around the house. This week I will tackle my kitchen which is really messy AKA cluttered!

Well that is my update, it is 4:30 am Will TRY to go back to sleep.

Happy purging!!

Wanting to shop

18 Apr

I am watching the Today show. They are having a segment on sunglasses. Now I want a few pairs; although I wear glasses, and I have a very nice pair already

I did not pay for these, they were a gift from my brother. I like them but you would think for the price they would not be so frail. But it does not matter because I wear glasses.

So I turned off the television because I do not need them.

I will be taking a break. Know you guys are so tire of my updates. Going to get some things done around the house and will update in a week.

Modern flat

16 Apr

So in one of my post I talked about a a loft in NYC…. This is what I see when close my eyes… Thanks enterijerdesign/ arapskiseik for this great picture!



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