CD’s, DVD’s and VHS tapes???

28 Mar


      So after three hours, I got a ton of cd’s downloaded in my PC. And I still have a good bit to go. It is funny I felt I needed to have this music to play in my car. I looked and sounded good driving down the street with the best up to date music playing. Now I some of that music cannot be played because they are scratched up. Keep in mind a cd cost anywhere between 10-15 bucks. So far I have counted about 30.

What’s Next?

      I am going to put the undamaged CD’s in my donate pile. Some are pretty old, Not sure if anyone will want to buy them. Of course the damage one will hit the “round file”.  So tomorrow I will finish up the CD project. Then I will get a plan for the ton of DVD/Blurays. 

       Funny how thought  how good the tv stands looked when people came over full of movies and CD’s There was more to dust and look for when I was trying to impress anyone who came by. This is what I thought impressed people


Sad is it not? Here it is 2013 and for some reason I thought I needed VHS tapes. I do not even own a VCR. But for some reason I packed this crap up and moved it to another house. If you look closely you will see a cassette tapes.

Not anymore!

     For the life of me I cannot wrap my head around this mess, or why I felt I needed to hold on to it all. This is my process, a slow one but I am getting there.


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