New Computer

26 Mar

This morning I went and got my new computer and hard drive. This purchase is the last one I will have for the rest of the year. After some thought I decided I did not want a laptop. Getting a desktop was a much better choice for me. Larger screen is much better since my eye sight is total crap. This new purchase will make it much easier to make post to my blogs. The had drive are for my movies. So since I have this my next step is in order.

My CD’s. These will go in my apple music library. This way I can clean out my tv stand

I have also cleaned out my tablet, Since my laptop was broken, I had been using it as my computer. Put a lot of stress on it, I know it is happy that it will get a break.

The best part of this is that I will spend less time online more time doing what I like to do. Since this is an all in one, it can be moved around the house, But I have made the choice to keep it on the desk in my room.

So I am off here.





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