Letting go

4 Mar


When I saw this picture I thought of using it in my widow blog. I still might because it is fitting here as it is there. In spite of what you are told, we do have a lot of do overs in life.  After my husband died I really did not know what to do, I was stuck I looked around our home and saw all the things we had. In an
effort to hold on to him I held on to the ” stuff”. But at the same time I was trying to feel better so I bought more stuff. Before long there was a pile of stuff around the house. And sitting underneath it all was ….. Me!

So finding minimalism has saved my life. Really it did. It freed my mind. Got me out of the cycle of trying to keep up with the rest of the world and their things.

The first step was my cable as painful as it was I turned it off. Gone were the long list of channels with little to nothing on them. I started reading more, gave me more time to get rid of the clutter around the house and It also save me over 1,200 a year.

Many minimalist start by getting rid of their televisions, OK I am so not there and do not think I ever will. Just like I do not think I could live with 4-5 tops, a pair of jeans and shoes. My plan is to just live with what I have, replace it when it well worn and or is way to big. This means no shopping sprees, closets full of stuff I do not wear. By all accounts I have enough clothing so buying more is a waste of money.

I do have one big goal… Debt. I do not have a lot of it, but what I do have I want to be rid of it.

So it is baby steps, this will not happen overnight, it might take a few years. But i will get there; Living with less is the best thing for me

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