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CD’s and Movies have found a new home

30 Mar


Doing some posting on the social network had led to my gently used cd’s and movies a new home. The young lady who are getting them loves music. And her mother and her asked me NOT to throw them a way.

Now about the movies I am keeping, Well having them converted is just to much of an hassle. So I am keep them as is.Speaking of the movies; I just looked over at the “keep” stack and picked out about 4 movies I do not want or need.

What have I learned?

That everything in life deserves a 2nd look. Yesterday I thought I needed these DVD’s and today I do not. So if you have something to give away, go back to your “keep pile”, you never know what you will find.

So here are the stack of CD’s an movies. Enjoy your new home!




It is done!

29 Mar

I was all ready to post on how i downloaded all my cd’s. How everything was done; Not so fast. I ended up finding about 30 more. So the project of getting these downloaded will star in a few…

But with every setback there is also a victory….


If look back there was way more stuff in the TV stand. so this is how it looks, and this is a new pile of stuffIMG_20130329_113043

Look closely the bag are full of CD’s. I need to sort through them to see what is good and not. Next to them are ones that will be thrown away. A stack of cd’s You can also see a stack of DVD’s in the back. Also the stack of Cd’s where the first one is written on, that is 24 CD’s those needs to be downloaded in my computer.

O.k it is 2 hours later, and I have downloaded all the songs. Every single one…… Now I have some movies that need to be sorted out, I am pretty sure I have a lot doubles, So I will be putting them in the donate pile also. For the ones I am going to keep; Walmart used to take you old dvd’s and put them in digital format; Going to look into this, If not I will just figure out how to do it my self.

What have I learned today?

That life is not a race but a sprint. I did not collect all of this stuff in one day, and I will not get rid of in one day either. That things I thought I wanted just two weeks ago, I see I really do not need or want them. That I really do not care about having stuff and the need to replace them. I feel much better about getting rid of things.

Now that I have made one step, The next one is ahead of me. Some of the many things I need to take care of are my books. I have over 500 digital books and I plan on keeping them. But I also have a ton of paper books that I no longer need, mostly self help books. I am looking at them now and I am going to add them to the donate pile along with the other stuff I have. So I am off to the books, which will be my next post.

Till next time.

CD’s, DVD’s and VHS tapes???

28 Mar


      So after three hours, I got a ton of cd’s downloaded in my PC. And I still have a good bit to go. It is funny I felt I needed to have this music to play in my car. I looked and sounded good driving down the street with the best up to date music playing. Now I some of that music cannot be played because they are scratched up. Keep in mind a cd cost anywhere between 10-15 bucks. So far I have counted about 30.

What’s Next?

      I am going to put the undamaged CD’s in my donate pile. Some are pretty old, Not sure if anyone will want to buy them. Of course the damage one will hit the “round file”.  So tomorrow I will finish up the CD project. Then I will get a plan for the ton of DVD/Blurays. 

       Funny how thought  how good the tv stands looked when people came over full of movies and CD’s There was more to dust and look for when I was trying to impress anyone who came by. This is what I thought impressed people


Sad is it not? Here it is 2013 and for some reason I thought I needed VHS tapes. I do not even own a VCR. But for some reason I packed this crap up and moved it to another house. If you look closely you will see a cassette tapes.

Not anymore!

     For the life of me I cannot wrap my head around this mess, or why I felt I needed to hold on to it all. This is my process, a slow one but I am getting there.

New Computer

26 Mar

This morning I went and got my new computer and hard drive. This purchase is the last one I will have for the rest of the year. After some thought I decided I did not want a laptop. Getting a desktop was a much better choice for me. Larger screen is much better since my eye sight is total crap. This new purchase will make it much easier to make post to my blogs. The had drive are for my movies. So since I have this my next step is in order.

My CD’s. These will go in my apple music library. This way I can clean out my tv stand

I have also cleaned out my tablet, Since my laptop was broken, I had been using it as my computer. Put a lot of stress on it, I know it is happy that it will get a break.

The best part of this is that I will spend less time online more time doing what I like to do. Since this is an all in one, it can be moved around the house, But I have made the choice to keep it on the desk in my room.

So I am off here.






14 Mar



          This picture says a lot, In the past weeks I have found this to be 100% true. But I will be honest, so far there are only 5 rooms in the house that is “there”. Living room, master bathroom, laundry room,  my son’s bedroom and kitchen. My closest which is in my bathroom is there also. My bedroom needs some work. It took me almost an hour to clean it. While cleaning my room I had lots of paper. I need to work on the habit of not allowing it to build up.


          I tend to be a messy eater, so a lot of my shirts have oil stains, So I threw them out. They will not be rags to fold under the kitchen sink. They are trash pure and simple. This means I have less, in my closet and my life. I am women and I am not sure about having four pieces of clothing. Soooo not there yet.

Buying stuff

          I am doing so well at this,  I did buy myself some body wash, ( like I said I am a women). But no clothing, kick nacks, or waffle irons.

Taking care of myself

          On a diet, well no just eating better, I am going to start walking in the afternoons to help get the weight off sooner. I am seeing my doctors taking my meds.

           Well that is my update…. keeping my home clean is important, for me a mess makes me a bit crazy. When it is clean it feels peaceful. I like it this way.

Letting go

4 Mar


When I saw this picture I thought of using it in my widow blog. I still might because it is fitting here as it is there. In spite of what you are told, we do have a lot of do overs in life.  After my husband died I really did not know what to do, I was stuck I looked around our home and saw all the things we had. In an
effort to hold on to him I held on to the ” stuff”. But at the same time I was trying to feel better so I bought more stuff. Before long there was a pile of stuff around the house. And sitting underneath it all was ….. Me!

So finding minimalism has saved my life. Really it did. It freed my mind. Got me out of the cycle of trying to keep up with the rest of the world and their things.

The first step was my cable as painful as it was I turned it off. Gone were the long list of channels with little to nothing on them. I started reading more, gave me more time to get rid of the clutter around the house and It also save me over 1,200 a year.

Many minimalist start by getting rid of their televisions, OK I am so not there and do not think I ever will. Just like I do not think I could live with 4-5 tops, a pair of jeans and shoes. My plan is to just live with what I have, replace it when it well worn and or is way to big. This means no shopping sprees, closets full of stuff I do not wear. By all accounts I have enough clothing so buying more is a waste of money.

I do have one big goal… Debt. I do not have a lot of it, but what I do have I want to be rid of it.

So it is baby steps, this will not happen overnight, it might take a few years. But i will get there; Living with less is the best thing for me