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Joshua Fields Milburn, this guy is good!!

16 Feb

             Well it hit me like a ton a bricks ( well it was more about what he wrote). Reading his book ” A day in the life of a minimalist” I looked across the room, saw my movies and cd’s. I knew I had to get rid of them; not to hide them in the fancy built it I was planning on my uncle Rory to build for me. They needed to be gone.

               I showed a picture of the cd’s and movies before, I said it was clutter, I use to own a CD player, but it is broken, as a matter of fact I do not even play cd’s not in my car, any where. So the need for a new computer just became a need, ( the other reason why is because I am using my sisters, and she wants it back). Soooo! Every CD I own is going to digital format as soon as I get this new computer; then I am donating them after that. About the  the movies , most of them.    ( notice I said most) will stay with me. Since I turned off my directtv, I watch movies all the time. The other movies will be donated; the objective is to clear off the stand.


                 In Joshua,s book he talked about email. Our need to check it, answer it just being attached to it. So I stopped reading and went through my email. I have over five thousand emails in my box. So I started to unsubscribe to all the random crap that was in it. This will slow down emails, making them easier to get rid of. Then the task of going through each and every one of them and delete them. Oh yes I forgot to add I have another email box with as many emails in them. But the good thing is email now has a search, so I will pull up the addresses and delete them in a few clicks. Last I will read and delete daily emails daily, so my box will never be the cluttered again.


                Going to take this time to talk about what I have done.

                                            1- My closet, cleaned out, keep in mind I am not in a place to only own a few pieces of clothing, but I have donated a lot and have a lot of empty draws, will give away more as time goes by, so I can get rid of the dresser.

                                             2- My kitchen, I had three sets of pots, Now I have two. I cook a lot, I use them so they are needed.( for now). All the extra gadgets? donated! It makes it easier to clean my kitchen with less mess.

                                              3- The extra room, this is really my sons room ( btw I have 2 kids; a adult son, 21 and a 14 year old daughter). My son rdoes not live at home. As a matter of fact he goes to school in another state. He has nothing in that room but a few things from his senior year in high school. But it is his room. When i do have sleepover guest; they do sleep there when they visit. but I have hardly have any guests so the room is empty. I used the room as a catch all room, so I cleaned it out donated and threw away.

                                               4- The living room, for an open room that room was a mess.  But no longer are things hidden behind the sofa’s, crap stuck in the corners of the room, mail or scraps of paper on the tables, and nothing on TV stand. As a matter of fact the coffee table is on the donate list. I do not like them, I only own one because my late husband felt the room was not complete without one. It will find a new home in someone else’s.

                   In closing this process is all about baby steps, It does not happen over night. When I stacked those cd,’s, movies and subscribed to all that junk email I thought I needed it. But I do not, as my husband said they were just things I owned  just say that I did,  now It is no longer important to me. First I had to de clutter my mind; once that happened the process was easy to start. Till next time, be good to yourself.