It is not what you can see…

27 Jan

This process has been in a word.” Trying”.

My friend Bonnie and I were talking,  she said it is not what you can see, but the stuff you cannot. She and her husband clean out any one of their many closets almost weekly. So I thought about that.

A few weeks ago I went in my closet and ” Cleaned it out” well this morning I went in there looking for a sweater, (I have the flu this week). And this is what I pulled out.


I am very hard on shoes, mostly due to my flat feet. The rule is you never wear the same shoes everyday when you have flat feet, so your shoes will last longer. Well I never do that. Needless to say all of these shoes are headed to the trash. As a matter of fact I am putting them in the coach shopping bag that I though I would
” need”  one day. Behind all the shoes is a 17 inch monitor that went to an desk top that the hard drive went out two years ago.  Which I still should have thrown away because everyone in the house has laptops. So that is going to goodwill along with some clothes, bedding sets, pot and pans, dishes, flatware and a few other things.

here is something I can see….


A lot of people might say, ” Hey that is not bad, everything is neat” well I plan on getting rid of all of this also. Starting with my music, all of it can be downloaded and put on an drive. The movies will come later, I will have to buy at least a 1-2 TB to hold the movies I do have and the ones I planing on having in the future.

Getting to buying stuff…

At first I said I was not going to buy anything for a whole year, BUT there are some things I have to buy to make this process easier for me.

1- New laptop or desktop, I do not have one
2- 1-2 TB hard drive

I might spend 1,500 on both of these., so I will saving for this.

Well that is it, going to bag up the old shoes, and put them in the trash.

Tomorrow, we will talk about everyone graveyard…. or the Garage!


3 Responses to “It is not what you can see…”

  1. August 6, 2013 at 1:15 am #

    Glad to see you’re all moved it! I recently went through and got rid of a lot of cd’s and videos – cleared up a lot of space. Good luck with everything – it really is tough sometimes.

    • just lynne August 6, 2013 at 2:14 am #

      Yea thanks a lot…. but it really does feel good.


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