26 Jan

In 2011 I read about this thing called minimalism, I downloaded a free book. I started reading it. I played around with it. Then I put it on a shelf once in while visiting it.

Then I saw this question

If you offered a job across the country and you had to be there in 3 days, how long will it take you to pack and move?

I looked around my house and saw all the stuff I owned. Then I though about something my husband said, ” You want stuff just to say you own it”. When he said it I did admit it to myself. ( but I never told him)

So I said it out loud. “You have crap, just to say you own it”. Just like that!

What is next? Well like everything in my life I started thinking about. I started to say to myself this is more than throwing stuff out. So I went to the very first book I read about minimalism by Joshua Fields Willburn and  Ryan Nicodemus. It was a book of essays, that made me think. I need to understand my need to own and it effects my life. So here I am, in the middle of my stuff, all the stuff that always made me feel like this great person. The stuff my husband and I got, smiled in front of, showed to our friends and family. The stuff that I would give away to anyone who wants it if he was alive today.

And there it is…..
My first reason to get rid of stuff. I cleaned out his closet, packed up his clothes, I gave some away, donated some and kept a little. I was holding on to a dream and it was OK let it go. As painful as it was he was not coming back.

Since I was there, I took a lot of my own stuff and donated it also.
I see that the dream I was in, all the perfect things he and I shopped hours for making choices as a couple buying things was weighing me down.  I cannot be free of stuff till I found a way to let it go in my mind.

So it starts

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