No one said it was easy

1 Sep

So I just moved into this new place, dumping and getting rid of this as I went along. It is truly shocking to me even after all that I have done that i STILL had so much stuff….


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As you can see after much declutter,  lots of curbside, giving away and even selling I got the garage emptied and now I can even park a car in it.

New pictures and updates!

22 Jul

I know it has been a while but I will be posting some of the things I have been doing.! I really had to step back, and work on de-cluttering. Moving brought out a lot more crap.. ( Shaking my head as I type this) So please stay tuned.. I do promise there will be more updates!

Spring Cleaning

25 Apr

I have been practicing minimalism for about a year or so. You would think with two moves under my belt there will be less stuff.  Well o.k there is less stuff, no doubt about that. I just need to find the areas where there is still more stuff. I think I am ready to deal with my closet. There are to many clothes, and really I do not wear half of it.  As a matter of fact I am thinking about doing away with a lot of my stuff and stick with the classics. ( Well my classics) Blue jeans, black and white tops. I think I will dump ( or throw away) things that have holes are worn and tattered. I use them as P.J’s, then I will buy new ones.

This post makes me think about my “It’s what you do not see”. Sure everything looks nice, nothing is overflowing from closets, But it is still too much packed away and hidden behind a closet door. So there will be the great closet purge this afternoon…


New home

18 Mar

I am all moved in….. I am typing this as I sit in my new office, I am working but it is slow day! I am sitting at my new desk. My office use to be a little girls room, Walls are pink and green. Super cute.

When I moved in here, I made the choice to leave every box in the garage until I had a chance to look through them and decide if I wanted and NEEDED it my new home. So far so good. So when I have a day off I go through a box or two throw away what I do not need, and keep only what I need.

This process started because when packing for my move I saw I still had a lot of things to get rid of. I have also made the choice to at least once every 60 days to do a deep cleaning of closets, cabinets and so on. I was also thinking about to help with my cleaning is to use fly lady. FLYLADY.NET  When looking at her site I see she is zone 4 which is the master bedroom. Lord knows my master bed room needs it. I have to remember my mission is just to de clutter.


Time Maagment

If anyone have tips for time management please share. I think I know WHAT to do, But I am not sure.

Moving again

25 Feb

I know I have not posted in a long while, But this process has not been easy one. I sort of fell off the wagon. With working and school full time, I have not had much time do anything. But I am working on improving and doing better.

Well not the point of my post…..

I am moving again. The move to this apartment in two words was “A mistake”. The dog is not even happy here. My plants are not happy here. As a matter of fact the plants are dying. Had to give them to my sister to rehab.  So I found a great house with lots of windows, and sunshine. It has a yard for the dog to run around in, I will have my office.

Which brings me to the another reason I am moving.,,,

My job is a work from home job, I must be in a quiet area to work. Since my current “Office” is really my dining area, if I was to get an visit form my job, I would be fired right on the spot. So having a real home office is something I MUST have.

Rent is no more than what I am paying now. I will have the expense of cutting the yard. But this expense will only be in the summer. I will save throughout the winter months and plan ahead.

Overall, I was not happy here, which is one of reason you guys have not seen pictures of my progress. This apartment felt like a closet. So it is time to go.

Well the house is sold, The closing date was about 6 weeks ago, It was super hard to walk away from that house for the last time. But I also know it is time for another family to make memories.

Moving day will be Friday… cannot wait!

Working Girl

26 Oct

Well the title says it all. I Have a job, I am not making millions nor do I want to. But this job is a part of the larger plan for me and my future. The old me would be trying to find things to buy. The new me is trying everything in her power to further cut from her life to save more and live better.

I have also found a way to give back. Starting this month, I will be donating to a local charity every month. Giving to people who have less is important. It is a lesson I want to teach both of my kids….

So that is my update…

So here is the plan ( Well the big Announcement)

13 Oct

So I decided to blog about my long term goals and my announcement.

I plan on moving, Not just anywhere; But overseas. There are a few reasons that prompted this choice

1- My job, will allow be to work pretty much anywhere in the world

2- My kids will be grown

3-  There is really nothing keeping me in the area, in the country. Heck my kids although grow might join me.

4- I have ALWAYS wanted to live overseas.

This will not happen over night, As a matter of fact it will take a few years to happen. So here is the short plan

1- Work and save money

2- Get my masters degree

3- Start selling off my things and saving money

I will be doing the above while my youngest finishes high school. (she is in the 9th grade)

In 2017, she will graduate in June, and I will put in my 30 day notice to my current landlord, or not renew my lease, And in mid July I plan to be on a plane to where I will start the next stage of my life.

I will spend the next few years getting myself together. I plan to move with nothing but my clothes, Cell phone, and computer. I will be 46 years old BTW.

So Fiona, that is it… So I will need to work on my downsizing skills, because I will more and likely end up in the U.K, With the tiny closet, and rooms and homes. And I cannot wait to be there.

Sorry folks! Here is the closet

2 Oct





I am so sorry I have not posted in so long, But my life had took a turn and just got very complicated. Well On of my last post talked about my closet. Above you will see the completed closet. I do not own any dressers or chest of draws. Everything I own is either hung up, or folded. This was a major goal of mines and I am so happy I have reached it.

Later today I will post what my bedroom looks like, Then move on to the rest of the house. Sort of a mini tour for you all.

Stepping back

4 Aug

If you are a follower of my widow blog, then you already know I am all moved in the new apartment. When I moved in I took all the important things with me, I have found out that the place is too cluttered. It reminds me of one of my post titled It is not what you can see. You can read this post here

I guess I did not think that the apartment is much smaller than the house, So there is a lot less space.

So I will be taking the steps to get rid of some more things in the apartment. Please keep in mind there are still things at the old house. (SMH). My thought is since I have not needed it, then I do not need it. Heck even if I did need it there is no place to put it. So really it all needs to go.

One thing I DO NOT need is my dresser. As a very grown adult one may disagree that I would need one but I found an option that is working for me.



Well there was suppose to be a picture, But it will not upload. So I got a “Neat freak organizer” There is a enough room for my socks, undies, and what light things I have. The rest of my clothing are hanging up.

Ah my dining room is now my office. NOT what I had in mind, But it is the only option for me. Well now I have a big desk with good light LOL!


Ok, I am in the process of cleaning and doing homework today

I will post some pictures soon.



9 Jul

Well I am moved in…. I still have some things I have to bring over to the house, But for the most part this is home. The limited space, has caused me to rethink the things I own.

Some of the “rethink items” that went away were..

1- My desk… There is no space for it. So now my work space is my dining room table.

2- Wall deco. There is not enough wall space for everything. So I ended up keeping a few things I REALLY like and they work in this new space.

3- Coffee table is out, The living room furniture sucks up all the space, So now my ottoman is my table. The area is cozy.

The day of the move I decided I did not want my dresser. I am not bringing it, I do have another plan for my “Undies” “socks” and such. The rest of my clothes can be hung up.

This place is the FIRST baby step to reach my goals. I know I say the place is small. It is small. BUT I can be happy here.